Take care

We make things that are made to be used, maintained and repaired. By creating something really worth caring for, we wish to contribute to decreased consumption. Here you will find our washing instructions and other practical information, so you and your clothes will get a long and happy life together. If there is anything, please get in touch!

Washing Instructions - Cashmere

Clothing will stretch and expand with use. Just follow these steps, and you should be fine:

1. Wash by hand in cold water. Roll inside a towel to press out water. Or machine wash on hand wash wool program. Seperately or solely together with other Heimigarden cashmere products of similar colors.
2. Rinse generously to avoid detergent residues (irritates skin and causes itch).
3. Let it dry, flat on a towel. Alternatively carefully hang up on a wide supporting surface, after the water is pressed out.
4. Remember to use only wool detergent. Not to destroy the fibers.


Pill is excess ultra thin natural fibers, rejected from the clothing in an early phase of its life cycle. It is completely normal for high-quality cashmere wool. The amount depends on factors like friction, humidity and body heat. Pilling gradually diminish with care and maintenance.

1. Make sure the clothing is dry
2. Gently remove pill with the supplied Heimigarden wool comb.
3. Repeat as long as necessary.

Our experience is that proper maintenance makes the clothing even softer and smoother.