We'd like to help you anyway we can. Please check if the answer is already here, and if not, contact us and we'll do our best to assist.

How do I choose the correct size for me?

We follow standard size measurements. So we recommend you to choose the size you normally wear. If in doubt, please have a look at our fitting guide. It will tell you how to do control measurements.

What if I order wrong size or the color doesn't work for me?

Just get in touch within 14 days after you receive the goods, and return it to us unused with original packaging. We'll refund your original order value, and you can order another size or color.

Where do you manufacture your products?

Our cashmere line is produced at Mauritius, at a nice workshop we collaborate closely with. They deliver skilled craftmanship and have a responsible social policy. Mauritius strictly ban child labour. School for all is free and mandatory. And they have a nice surf break.

Will the cashmere clothes shrink?

Proper maintenance will ensure that the clothes retain their original size and shape. Use will expand the wool and knitware a little bit. Washing and drying retract the fibers. Our experience is that a newly washed garment feels like new.

I dislike hand wash, can I machine wash cashmere wool?

Yes, you can. Make sure to follow the instructions, and particularly avoid washing with other materials (including other wool qualities) and colors.

Will the cashmere wool pill?

You can expect some pilling. After a period of maintenance it is likely to stop. You can read more on our maintenance page.

How long does it take to ship my order?

We dispatch your order within 1-3 work days. How long the mail service takes depend a bit on where you are, and when you order. In Norway you should definitely have the goods in hand within a week.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, you can order from everywhere. Please take note that you will be responsible for import duties and tax on your international order. international shipping costs are also additional. We will subtract the Norwegian value added tax, to your benefit. Naturally shipment will also take longer, but we hope you find the wait worth your while. We'll do our best to assist you anyway.

Why is your website in English, when you're Norwegian?

We are a small company from a small country in a big world. Too bad mostly Norewgians understand our beautiful language.