Fewer things, but more meaningful

Heimigarden designs clothes and items based on very high quality raw materials and skillful craftsmanship. Locally and all around the world we are inspired by friends and intriguing personalities. We believe in the simple truth that our friends deserve the best.

When we moved out of the city to build a new life in 2010, we took over an empty farm in a small village called Ervik. We are located at the most western point of mainland Norway - the Stad peninsula, streching into the North Sea. The forces of nature are extreme, being the most weather-beaten place in country. Vikings rather pulled their ships over the mountains, instead of crossing these shores in the storm.

Heimigarden is the local nickname of our farm, which literally means ‘home at the farm’. Recognised as the original farm in the community, we understand it in the sense ‘where we all come from’. The Heimigarden logo is the original brand of the farm, found on old wooden tools.

Even though we have an urban origin, we identify with the name Heimigarden. We immediately felt at home here, as we chose to live closer to nature, to have more space and time, for each other and the things we love. A simple and adventurous life, thanks to the internet and the technology of our days.

Founder and designer Helle Frogner comes from a family with long textile traditions. Her background and passion is photography. Based on her own values, lifestyle and sense of quality, she wished to establish Heimigarden, together with friends, family and great partners.